A Season of Faith’s Perfection

It’s shocking how much things can change in one year. Honestly. It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot over the past few weeks. Where I was at this time last year and what has changed since then. A year can seem like both a short time in the great span of life and a long time when you are looking toward the future. Don’t you agree? Looking back, I can’t believe that all of these different things – good and bad – have occurred in my life this past year. But events happen to encourage growth. And growth, as I have found, can be a really good thing. So.. what’s up? In no particular order, the list betches.

Since October 2012 I …

– got my first legit hardcore concussion
– tore my acl
– got my acl fixed
– moved out
– got my own insurance
– met and lost someone I really cared about
– started a 401k (WHAT UP BIG KID STATUS)
– saw Two Door Cinema Club in concert
– watched one of my best friends get married (and got to be her MOH!)
– saw my sister graduate
– saw Cold War Kids, MGMT & Empire of the Sun at Summerfest. Three days in a row. And went to work.
– saw my brother fight for and win custody of his daughter
– had a friend grow into a sister
– became a godmommy.. again 🙂

Just a few of the more course of my life changing things, although I am sure there are some other important ones I’m forgetting. The point is, and this is more for me than it is for you, there were many times this year I thought I wasn’t going to make it to the next week. And there were many times where I was sure nothing could get me down again. But you make it through, and you then you get dragged back down again. It’s just a cycle, and it gets better. Or worse. Or the same.

There are even some events that arose from bad beginnings that turned out to be something awesome. Twenty-four was the year I lost myself. Twenty-five is the year I was found. I’m still a mess, still lost, still not sure what I should do with my career, where I should live, etc. But I guess I am doing a much better job figuring it out now than I was last year.

I know I haven’t written in two months, so how’s that for a rebirth?




P.S. Ja’mie King: Private School Girl starts soon. Like a few weeks. If you don’t know what it is, then you are so random. Don’t act all povo, you’ll be the fugliest girl if you don’t.



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